Chainsaw Reviews And Pole Saw Reviews

I did need to wait around for a manager, but he said as long as I was happy, he was happy. I asked what would happen with other Kobalt tools that were no longer stocked. He said it was sort of a case by case basis, but a lot of the discretion was left up to the managers. Let’s say you have a Craftsman hand tool that you’re either not satisfied with, or has a manufacturing defect. In the past, a trip to Sears would have resulted in a replacement or even a refund. For a replacement, you didn’t even need to bring your receipt, they replaced it on the spot with an identical or equivalent tool.

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  • We share in those concerns; I want to review with you about the operational adjustments and enhancements on existing procedures that we currently have in place for everyone’s safety.
  • All saws have safety features that include a riving knife, anti-kickback pawls and a blade guard.

Dust collection, through the saw’s 35mm dust port, was tidy. Mafell, like Festool, is made in Germany, and it quickly became clear during testing that its engineers have left no stones unturned when designing a premium plunge-cut saw. The MT 55 cc has a powerful and smooth-running 10-amp motor with soft start, torque control and variable speed.

The dust blower is a welcomed addition and a characteristic that majority of circular saws do not feature. There are many circular saws you can buy these days, so it’s easy to get confused, especially if you don’t know what features to look for.

#2 Electric Staple Guns

You will probably have to push it in, in order to clear the latching spot. Take a screwdriver and merely remove the bolt, and then leave it at a visible place. Most users tend to focus on the electric staple gun’s maximum strength when buying one for themselves.

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If the staple is invisible then snap the head back down on the staple gun and slam the head of the stapler 10 times against the heel of your shoe or another rubber surface. Take out any staples that are jammed into the Swingline stapler by twisting them as you pull with a pair of needle nose pliers. If the staple breaks into two pieces when you are twisting, be sure to pull the second piece out as well. If the tool is firing, but nails aren’t feeding, inspect your magazine. Over time, especially on job sites with lots of dirt and sawdust, the magazine may become dirty and the feeder mechanism may stick. Check the operation of your magazine by removing fasteners and sliding the feeder shoe back and forth. If you detect an area where it “hangs up,” clean it with canned air or a nylon brush.

In a week that saw Dodgers relief pitchers throw more innings than the starters, Urías was much-needed life raft. They corrected course over the weekend, exploding for the most runs in a game in Dodger Stadium history, tying the franchise record for home runs in a game in the process. It was a week of attrition for the Dodgers, who saw a string of seven straight days with a roster move expire on Sunday.